Automate management of your users

Automate employee onboarding and offboarding workflows. Manage your company's accounts, resources, and security.

All the tools to better manage your Information Systems.

As your organization’s software users come and go, we help you adapt.


Assign, suspend, and manage all user accounts and tools automatically.


Manage different actions for one or more organizations in a single platform.


Increase data protection. Youzer detects and reports unusual activity in your system to prevent security breaches

Intelligent software suggestions

Assign all necessary software accounts to new users with suggestions by profession and by team.

Alert notifications

Receive alerts whenever a user arrives or leaves your company. This way, you can anticipate the necessary onboarding or offboarding steps.

License optimization

Get the most out of your plan. Pay only for what you use by adjusting the number of accounts subscribed for a license and its duration.

User access automation

Prevent security breaches by automatically suspending access of users who leave your business.

User account anomaly detection

Youzer automatically identifies accounts with potentially sensitive access as well as accounts that aren't assigned to employees.

All your data in one place

Easily view all of your data about your resources, yours users, and their tools.

Onboarding and Offboarding Automation for Everyone Involved

Youzer helps IT Staff, HR, and Managers to the team’s changing roles and expertise.

For IT Staff

Monitor and maintain the SaaS applications used in your organization.

For Human Resources

Automate the employee onboarding and offboarding processes.

For Managers

Independently manage your team's SaaS tools.

For Managed Service Providers (MSP)

Manage all your clients information Systems from a single interface.

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