Automate the management of your users accounts

Your users.
Their accounts.
One tool to manage it all.

Youzer is a users and accounts management platform which allows you to coordinate users arrivals and with the creation or disabling of their accounts.
Youzer is the unique tool for IT and HR you were looking for.

Dashboard Youzer gestion des identités et des accès
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What brings you here today?

Centralized user accounts management

Synchronize your users’ identities with your company’s HR data.

Onboarding and offboarding improvement

Streamline the on- and offboarding by communicating with all the stakeholders.

Manage multi-tenant users with ease

Improve and simplify the process for account creations for your customers.

Main features

Automated user accounts provisioning

Based on the arrival and departure of employees, you manage the each user’s accounts on a centralized interface. With this IAM identity and access management solution , you can optimize your employees flow.
Création automatique des comptes utilisateurs
Connectez l'ensemble de vos applications

Plug in all your apps

With the Youzer connectors, you get instant visibility on all the accounts (active, suspended …), licenses, security or distribution groups across your organization… User access rights or profiles can also be managed from the interface.

Users accounts templates

No need to reinvent the wheel for each employee who arrives: thanks to accounts templates, you apply the correct settings (licenses, profiles, security groups, etc.) according to the user’s profile. They can connect to the different applications transparently with single sign-on (SSO) if it’s setup for your applications.

Créez des templates d'applications métier
Notification temps réel modifications compte utilisateur

Real-time information on arrivals or departures

Youzer connects to HRMS and you get instant information on users flow to better prepare for their arrival or departure. Manage the life cycle of your employees simply in an automated way, goodbye to manual onboarding and offboarding procedures.

No more departures falling through the net

No need to regularly review applications anymore: Youzer aµutomatically informs you if a departed user still has open access to any of your IT or business applications. Secure your IT and identity management the easy way.

Evitez les failles de sécurité dans votre SI
Réconciliation des comptes et des utilisateurs

Easy matching between your users and their accounts

Manually or automatically do the matching / lettering of all the accounts across your organization and your users, to get the full picture of who has access to whatIT and HR can now be full synchronized.

Youzer connects to all your apps

It is difficult to have full visibility over all your applications. By connecting all your applications (SaaS, business software, "on-premise" software), you get a personalized mapping of the use of your tools . In addition, your users gain autonomy and can for example reset their active directory password themselves.
Youzer solution IAM pour DSI et DRH

Youzer expert in Identity and Access Management (IAM)

we designed an ITSM platform (for the management of IT services) allowing CIOs and HRDs to automatically manage user accounts. IT and HR finally have a software allowing direct exchanges in order to secure the whole network, avoiding any loophole!

  • a single console for everyone
  • automated management of arrivals and departures avoiding security breaches
  • complete knowledge of the software and applications used by your users, say stop to shadow it
  • management of employee access rights and the possibility of creating software / application packages by profiles
  • simplification of password management with the possibility of a reset for the user and a single sign-on (SSO)

In short: simplify the management of your IT and human services!

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