IAM identité et accès utilisateurs

Identity and access management: 4 points to master – IAM

The acronym IAM stands for Identity and Access Management. Identity and Access Management is a set of processes set up by the IT department to manage the authorizations of users (who may be employees, service providers, temporary workers, etc.) in order to regulate access to the network and cloud computing

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How to deal with the shadow it

Shadow IT and Former Users: IT management’s Nightmare

Revenge of operational staff against IT management. We are currently experiencing a rapid evolution in the volume of use of software in the Cloud (Saas) such as GSuite, Office 365, Teams, Slack etc… And it is not about to stop, as online software is becoming powerful, intelligent and frighteningly easy

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How do you manage the first password transmission ?

This moment when cybersecurity is a sticky note

Sadly a classic scenario Sadly a classic scenario Imagine the scene: a new employee arrives at the company, it’s his first day. And the IT department which is there to give him his working tools (pc, telephone, etc.) gives him his login password… on a piece of paper (I could

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