SaaS Subscription Management for Businesses

Transform how you manage your team’s software access and security.

Manage Onboarding and Offboarding

Automate your processes whenever new team members arrive (and depart).

Automatic assignment

In one click, you can grant access to all the software a new user feeds for onboarding.

On and offboarding notifications

Schedule and receive email notifications whenever a new team member arrives or leaves.

Increase Data Security & Protection

Prevent security breaches by scheduling a user account's automatic suspension when they leave your organization.

Tool recommendations

Youzer suggests frequently used tools by your organization that you can recommend to each user based on their role.

Detect unusual activity

Get notified of any unusual activity to manage potentially unauthorized software use.

Manage security and errors

Anticipate software security risks.

Security overview

Learn about potential use, provisionning, and legal issues.

Comprehensive lists

Access a real-time view of unusual activity in your information systems, categorized by category and severity.

Alert notifications

Receive alerts whenever Youzer detects a problem in your company, including orphaned units, provisioning errors, and others.

Subscription by library

Standardize the resource acquisition process through a software library.

Suggestions for action

Make more informed decisions about your information systems with prescribed actions tailored to each type of error.

Software cost analysis

Identify the true cost of your SaaS systems.

Summary tables

Access interfaces with software cost summaries for your users, resources, and accounts.

Usage monitoring

Track trends in the software usage of each user and set up a cost reduction strategy.

License optimization

Pay only for what you use by adjusting the number of accounts subscribed for a license and its duration.

Software identification

Detect unused resources and accounts by your users and fine-tune your software strategy.

Application library

Select your applications from a dedicated library to track associated costs.

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