Onboarding and Offboarding

Liste des utilisateurs, gestion des identités

Master the turnover of your company

Managing a large number of users and resources can be laborious… don’t you think?

Anticipate events

An arrival or departure soon? You are always notified with Youzer notifications.

Automate your actions

Prevent errors and save time by automating allocation and suspension tasks.

Secure your IS

Automatically suspend all accounts of a departing user and prevent the risks of "Shadow IT".

Une notification type sur Youzer lorsqu'une arrivée ou un départ se présente

Be notified of each arrival and departure of your users

With Youzer, arrivals and departures are anticipated: HR, the manager and the IT department are informed in advance of the date and time of an employee’s departure/arrival. Notifications are made by email and on the platform’s dashboard. The IT Department is informed of the proper execution of IT access cuts, and the manager can best prepare the end or beginning of his team member’s mission.

Automatically assign and suspend all accesses

On the arrival or departure date, Youzer will activate or suspend access to all software resources available to the employee. The steps are automatic and in real time. If the arrival or departure has been scheduled, the activation or termination of accounts can be scheduled and takes place as soon as the employee arrives or leaves the company. You are certain that the employee no longer has access to your company’s information. 

Exemple d'une attribution ou suspension automatique de ressources
Exemple de recommandations d'outils sur Youzer pour optimiser votre gestion

Optimize your management by following the tool recommendations

By specifying the function of a user, his manager and his workplace, you best prepare the choice of the resources that will be assigned to him. Youzer calculates the resources it should use, so you don’t forget tools and prevent your collaborator from being operational.

Material inventory management

Centralize all of your material tools on Youzer to access an asset tracking and request management space.

Detection of anomalies

Identifies unused accounts, unused licenses and security risks associated with users who have left.

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