Manage security and errors

Secure your information system

Anticipate security breaches within your IS and focus on growing your business.

Processing interface

Improve your visibility with Youzer, by listing all legal, business or provisioning errors.

Alert notification

Receive alerts as soon as Youzer detects an anomaly on your instance.

Contextual actions

Implement actions specific to each error that Youzer detects on your instance.

Des erreurs apparues sur votre SI​

Access the complete list of errors that have appeared on your IS

Youzer allows you to have an exhaustive view of the anomalies of your IS: user left with sensitive access, accounts without user, unused licenses, etc. Thanks to the “Pulses” page, you have a real-time view of the security vulnerabilities present on your IS. You can easily process each error and know its source to optimize your future practices

Suspend, delete, allocate error resources

Deal with any anomalies that appear on your IS from the “Pulses” page. This page allows you to track the various errors and therefore make informed decisions about their management. Suspend a user’s accounts, delete a non-existent user or assign an owner to an orphan account from a single interface.

Les approbations ressources logicielles sur Youzer

Standardize the resource acquisition process

To master the SaaS software and applications in use in your company, it is necessary to know exactly where the subscription comes from. Youzer allows you to approve authorized resources and define access conditions. Your users choose the applications they need from the resource catalog managed by Youzer. This eliminates Shadow IT within your IS, and the resulting security vulnerabilities.

Material inventory management

Centralize all of your material tools on Youzer to access an asset tracking and request management space.

Management of arrivals and departures

Control your company's turnover by automating your actions, anticipating events and securing your information system.

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