Simplify the management of your access and your identities

  • Limit shadow it
  • Check the alignment of rights
  • Monitor privileged accounts
  • Master your offboarding
  • Manage the life cycle of your employees
  • Keep a user repository up to date
  • “Be compliant”: GDPR
  • Save time
  • Limit errors
  • Get a holistic view of your users and their accounts
  • Streamline processes
  • Speed ​​up access to information
  • Make information more reliable (real time)
  • Raise awareness among managers
  • Shorten decision paths
  • Improve onboarding
picto IT

IT Team

  • Has a complete view of users and software.
  • Master the shadow it.
  • Easily create user accounts.
  • Works on a solid basis to perform audits.

HR Team

  • Gets a complete view of all the people working for the company (collaborators and external).
  • Use checklists for on and off-boarding.
  • Saves time and improves process reliability, especially for the arrival of a service provider.
picto managers


  • Assign software packages for his team.
  • Is more sensitive to shadow-it issues
  • Can manage the departure of an employee and trigger the suspension of their accounts.

Automate and Secure your user accounts

Reconcile your users to their accounts now and automate your actions.

✓ Unlimited uses     ✓ 30 days trial    ✓ Full access to the app

IAM, Identity and Access Management, is a solution for automating and securing accounts and users. It improves your processes, secures your sensitive data, automates low added value actions, offers you a global view of your IT, while leaving you free to configure your level of application management.

They chose simplicity