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Automate, supervise, delegate and gain security. 

Management of arrivals and departures

Gestion des arrivées et départs des collaborateurs
Checklist arrivées et départs en entreprise

Welcome and departure checklists

List all the steps that you wish to put in place at the arrival and departure of an employee.

Notification de l'arrivée et du départ d'un collaborateur

Notification of arrivals and departures

Easily notify managers, HR and IT teams of the arrival and departure of an employee.

Création de package logiciels

Resource Packages

Create software packages, access rights for your employees. No more need to re-parameterize everything at each new arrival.

suspension automatique des comptes

Automatic suspension of accounts

Automatically suspend a user’s accounts either when they leave or by scheduling them.


automatisation des processus
Création des comptes en un clic

Creation of accounts in 1 click

Pre-format your user fields in your software and create your accounts in one click afterwards.

Utilisez l'API de Youzer pour vos app et utilisateurs


Use the Youzer API to manage your users through your different software and applications.

Intégration des logiciels on premise

Integration on on premise software

Connect any of your in-house developed software or apps with our universal connector.

Intégration des outils en SaaS

Integration on SaaS software

Connect your software in Saas very simply to manage all your accounts and users.

User directory

Annuaire des utilisateurs
referentiels unique des utilisateurs

Unique user repository

Obtain an exhaustive and up-to-date list of the people working in your company: employees, service providers, temporary workers …

Synchronisation des outils SIRH

Synchronization with HRIS tools

Connect your HRIS and get a clear view of all your users’ information and avoid duplication.

formulaire personnalisé

Custom User Attributes

Define yourself what information you want to display to your users based on your HRIS.

Recherche utilisateur

Search for users and accounts.

Find very simply any information related to your users thanks to the search engine.

Détectez les doublons utilisateurs

Duplicate Detection

Detect duplicates by scanning your entire HRIS database. Get a “clean” repository.


Liste des comptes utilisateur

List of accounts for each user

Visualize all the software and other tools that a user has access to thanks to an exhaustive sheet.

Tableau de bord personnalisé

Tableau de bord de toutes vos applications

Have a dashboard summarizing all your users, your software, your active and inactive accounts …

Analyse des licences inutilisées

Analysis of unnecessary licenses

Detect your inactive licenses or those assigned to deactivated accounts and better manage your expenses.

Rapprochez vos utilisateurs à leurs comptes

Assignment of application accounts to users

Reconcile your users to all accounts: a user is linked to an account easily perform this reconciliation.

Exportez vos listes et vos données

Export of lists

Export in CSV format your user lists, software, accounts, licenses …

Securing the IS

Sécurisation du SI
Monitoring des paramètres

Monitoring of parameters

Monitor sensitive security groups. Be alerted in real time in case of modification on these groups.

Visibilité sur les droits utilisateurs

Visibility on the rights of each user

View for each user the list of software to which he has access, the rights or profile he has.

Détectez les comptes orphelins

Identification of orphan accounts

Detect your orphan accounts and fix your security vulnerabilities. An orphan account = an entry in the IS.

Détectez les comptes non utilisés

Identification of unused accounts

Identify unused accounts and reduce the risk of fraudulent use as well as the use of expensive licenses.

Détectez les comptes actifs des utilisateurs partis

Detection of active accounts while users are away

Detect active accounts related to departed users. Avoid security breaches.

Gérez les droits administreurs

Visualization of users with specific rights

Filter the display of your users according to the parameter you are looking for: by type of rights, security group …

Collaboration and self-service

Sécurisation du SI
Gestion du matériel en workflow

Management of badges, keys and materials

Set up a workflow for the management and allocation of your equipment.

Traçabilité des actions

Traceability of actions

Any action, modification is recorded which allows you to follow the history of the events.

Formulaire public création utilisateur

Public user creation form

Send a public form to your providers to fill in information about new providers.

Délégation aux managers

Delegation to managers

Delegate the allocation of tools to managers who are more familiar with the needs of their teams.

Self service pour la réinitialisation des mots de passe

User portal

Develop self-service for password reset for users and save time. 


Sécurisation du SI
Console centrale MSP

Console multi-tenant

Manage all your customers and their accounts via a centralized console.

Personnalisez votre plateforme


Customize your brand with your logo and url in the Youzer application so that your customers have a familiar environment.

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