Material inventory management

Centralize your asset management

Take control over your company’s inventory.

Centralisez your assets

Gather on one workspace all the material tools available to your company.

Automate the workflow

Perform hardware assignment and retrieval requests automatically and easily.

Simplify tracking

Directly identify users who have material assets, the state they are in, and their location.

Organize your inventory management spaces

Create the stocks that compose your business by yourself in just a few clicks. Choose a stock category and feed it with all your assets for a complete display. You can fine-tune each of your hardware groups and improve your efficiency.

Stay agile by accessing an application processing interface

Your future collaborator is going to need a laptop? Another one needs to return you the access keys? All these tasks can now be easily managed on Youzer. Automatically send requests to the inventory manager by assigning / disassociating the asset to your user. The manager will then receive a task, allowing him to organize himself to meet your needs.

Directly track the status and location of tools

No more lost and / or damaged equipment without responsible! With the tracking of material stocks, you always know who is assigned the tool, the state in which it is at the time of the handover, and its geographical location during this possession. So you always have a dedicated interlocutor to follow the life of your assets.

Management of arrivals and departures

Control your company's turnover by automating your actions, anticipating events and securing your information system.

Detection of anomalies

Identifies unused accounts, unused licenses and security risks associated with users who have left.

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