Software cost analysis

Identify the real cost of your SaaS software environment

What if your entire software budget is wrong? We help you to see things more clearly.

Summary of costs

Track the evolution of costs for each resource, account and user from comprehensive lists.

Significant savings

Suspend unused access and only pay for accounts that your users use.

Application library

From this library, you can select the resources to be managed in order to eliminate the unnecessary expenses that result.

Une liste des ressources logicielles sur Youzer

Select the resources to be managed from an application library

To control the cost of SaaS applications in use in your company, it is necessary to know exactly where they come from and how they are actually used. Youzer allows you to approve authorized resources and define access conditions. Your users choose the applications they need from the internally managed resource catalog. This eliminates Shadow IT within your IS, and the unnecessary expenses that result from it.

Track cost trends for each resource, account and user

Youzer lists all the software used within your IS. The resource list allows you to see at a glance all the software and their number of associated users. This allows you to determine the cost of using each resource. You can easily check the invoices received with the usage details of each software. 

L'identification des logiciels non utilisés sur Youzer
Activité des unités sur Youzer

Instantly identify unused software and reduce your SaaS budget

The Youzer diagnosis provides you with information on the actual use of software in your company. You immediately identify which accounts are not being used. Adapting the number of licenses or subscriptions subscribed to to the exact number of users using the resources therefore becomes easier. You save a lot of money by avoiding paying for ghost accounts. 

Management of arrivals and departures

Control your company's turnover by automating your actions, anticipating events and securing your information system.

Detection of anomalies

Identifies unused accounts, unused licenses and security risks associated with users who have left.

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