for managers

Manage software tools for your team

Assign the right tools at the right time

Less time wasted on laborious tasks, more time to integrate your employees.

Automation of actions

Automate the laborious process of allocating and suspending your employees' accounts.

Access control

Assign specific access rights to each member of your team and change them at any time.

Anticipation of flows

Always be ready to welcome your new employees with our arrival notification system (customizable).

Suggestions for improvement

Receive suggestions on your resource allocations to ensure that your team has everything they need.

Visibility on the team

Access a dashboard with every member of your team and all the details of your ecosystem.

Follow-up of uses

Optimize your team's software usage by monitoring resource activity and implement your strategy.

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Automate the process of welcoming new employees

Thanks to Youzer, you give your new employee all the software tools he needs to work. You select the right tools from the list of resources available in the company and Youzer takes care of everything: automatic account creation, resource provisioning and sending access codes. Access to resources is almost instantaneous for the new user, so it can be operational directly.

Support the evolution of your team's software uses

Your teams are evolving, so are your software uses. Simply reorganize your resource associations by assigning or deleting your employees’ accesses. If a new tool fits into your IT strategy, connect it to your Youzer platform via an API key and start creating accounts directly.

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Assign new accounts to your employees from a dedicated resource library

Each resource that you can connect to Youzer is listed in a dedicated library. All you have to do is select the ones you want to assign to your collaborator and Youzer automates the creation. You will then have access to the exhaustive list of resources used by each user and therefore the possibility to optimize your allocation and costs.

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