Manage your users' identities

with an automated computerized IAM tool

✔ Automated reconciliation with HR data

✔ Real-time synchronization with all your applications

✔ 360° visualization of software tools

✔ Automation of user onboarding

Finally a flexible and integrated IAM solution

onboarding utilisateurs

Create packages
for newcomers

Simply set up application groups to be made available to employees according to their profile. Adapt packages per department if you wish.

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all your applications

Whether you have cloud-based, on premise or even proprietary applications, we always integrate them into your Youzer account.

Réconciliation des utilisateurs et des comptes

Have up-to-date and synchronized lists available

Thanks to the centralization of user lists from HR and business departments, you benefit from a unique and unduplicated list of your users.

Localiser votre stock matériel en temps réel

Monitor your application activities in real time

You have an overview of all the applications used in your company with real-time detection of new accounts on each of them.

user reconciliation between HR and IT

Automated reconciliation with HRIS

Associating accounts on different software and users is a necessary but difficult to achieve without an IAM software. Today, this is possible with a reconciliation of HR data for employees, but also data from business departments (temporary workers, service providers, etc.) and accounts created by IT teams.
Thanks to this organization, you control the authorizations to the different software, you eliminate duplicates, you can follow the career development of an employee within your company by adapting the authorizations on the applications.

Onboarding software package

Each employee who arrives in the company needs several softwares (Active Directory account, Gsuite, Office 365, Slack…) Rather than managing the creation of accounts in a unitary way, the predefined packages allow you to create the right accounts to the right users with the right title formats, the right rights, the right security groups etc…

Onboarding logiciels utilisateurs
offfboarding fermeture automatique des comptes

Automated processing of offboarding

Succeeding user offboarding is a major challenge today. Audits of IT systems systematically show accounts that are still active even though users have been away for several years. Beyond the cost of the licenses of these accounts spent in pure loss, it is a real issue of IT security but also business: an employee who has left for a competitor should no longer have access to the CRM as soon as he leaves the company. 

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