for it staff

Administer all accounts and associated users

Take back control over the use of SaaS applications

Do you want to take control of your information system again? We will help you to do so.

Data protection and privacy

Fight against "Shadow IT" within your company by automating the action of closing accounts.

Centralization of actions

Assign and suspend your IS users' accounts from a single interface.

License optimization

Be aware of the utilization rate of each resource and decide on the strategy to adopt to optimize your costs.

Visibility on accesses

Control the access rights of all users and access the complete list of all their tools.

Task automation

Prevent input errors and no longer waste time with recurring actions, everything is automated!

IS security

Be alerted as soon as an incorrect account appears on your IS and anticipate information leaks.

Exemple d'une attribution ou suspension automatique de ressources

Automate account allocation and suspension actions

With Youzer, you give your new employees all the software tools they need to work. You select the right tools from the list of resources available in the company and Youzer takes care of everything: automatic account creation, resource provisioning and sending access codes. Access to its resources is almost instantaneous for the new user.

Control the access rights of all users of your IS

Youzer allows you to directly manage user access rights. For each software resource, you can set the user’s usage rights: profile setting, membership of security groups, user typology. You know in real time which user has which rights in his use of your IS.

Des erreurs apparues sur votre SI​

Optimize your IS security with automatic error detection

Are you sure that your former employees have not kept any access to your IS? Youzer guarantees that a user who leaves your company will have all his accounts suspended. And this automatically at the date and time of his departure. Similarly, an orphaned or misconfigured user account is immediately reported to you by Youzer. Be serene, thanks to Youzer, your IS is well protected.

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