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Optimize employee onboarding and offboarding

Become the pillar of a sustainable IT strategy

What if a tool automated the most laborious management tasks?

Onboarding automation

Youzer is in charge of automating the creation and assignment of your new employee's software accounts.

Securing the procedures

Each of the actions you perform on a user is, by default, kept confidential.

Customized workflow

Create your own checklists and assign them to users to make sure you don't forget anything in their onboarding / offboarding.

Centralization of information

Access a REALLY exhaustive list of users in your company (employees, service providers, etc.).

Technical evolutions tracking

Monitor the evolution of your employees through the reorganization of their software resources and workstations.

Data export

Export user lists with all the data or only the data you need.

Une notification type sur Youzer lorsqu'une arrivée ou un départ se présente

Automate your employees' onboarding and offboarding processes

With each new arrival, you create the collaborator on our platform. The new user thus integrates the welcome workflow that will allow him/her to have the right tools to work with. By specifying its function, manager and workplace, you best prepare the choice of resources to be allocated to it. Similarly, when a user leaves, all you have to do is schedule their departure to automatically suspend their resources.

Access the complete list of all users in your company

Youzer allows you to have an exhaustive view of the users of your information system: employees but also external users (volunteers, service providers, temporary staff, etc.). Thanks to the user list, you know in real time who can access your company’s resources. You can easily edit each user and know which accounts they have access to and which rights they have.

Plan and customize user workflows

Your creation and assignment process will not be the same when it comes to a traditional employee, a service provider, an intern or a volunteer. We take these constraints into account and allow HR teams to create their own checklist templates to ensure that user management matches the habits of each company.

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