YOUZER for msp

Manage all your clients' information systems

All your customers on a single interface

Greater flexibility for better customer satisfaction.

Centralization of customers

Access all your customers' IS from a single interface focused on multi-instance management.

Follow-up of uses

Optimize your customers' software usage by monitoring resource activity and implement your strategy.

Anticipation des flux

Always be ready to manage collaborators' resources with our arrival and departure notification system.

Visibility on instances

Visualize in real time all the anomalies and IT data of your customers in a clear and centralized way.

Automation of actions

Prevent input errors and no longer waste time with recurring actions, everything is automated!

IS security

Be alerted as soon as an account in error appears on a customer's IS and anticipate information leaks.

Manage all your customers from a multi-jurisdictional platform

Youzer is the ability to access all of your customers’ instances from a single interface. Multi-instance (or multi-tenant) allows you to switch quickly between each of your customers and thus to gain in speed in the processing of tasks. Add as many customer accounts as you want and enjoy a flexible workspace.

Access a customer self-provisioning portal

Simplify the way your customers interact with their IS by allowing them to access a self-provisioning portal. They can connect the resources they use to the platform themselves and import their user lists to save you time.

Exemple d'une attribution ou suspension automatique de ressources

Use Youzer as a white label to customize the interface

As an MSP, you are required to manage your customers’ IS and therefore to integrate their ecosystem. To facilitate this integration, we give you the possibility to use Youzer as a white label and thus to personalize the platform with your own communication media (logo, colors, etc.).

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